Natalie - Ming Tombs China

Hello. My name is Natalie Jumper and I’m a photographer. It’s truly amazing that out of all the webpages out there, you’ve wound up here.

I’m an eclectic and nerdy person who has a passion for the arts in all their forms. I received my first camera as a gift at the age of six, and I’ve been taking photos ever since.

I am a photographer, who shares her adventures one photo at a time.

I am a painter, who expresses the emotions she can’t put into words on canvas.

I am a writer, who brings worlds to life and gives characters breath.


· In laughing until it hurts.

· Midnight drives that end up in another town and with pie.

· Sleeping in the back of your car to watch the stars at night.

· Campfire cookouts with friends and family.

· Taking the road least traveled, and finding new horizons

· Libraries are anything BUT silent.

· Art is the strongest power we have, and it will save the world one day.

· Paint can be just as fun on canvas, as it is on the skin of someone you love.

· One photo can mend a heart, but several can heal it.