Got a lot of feed back on some of my photographic work today. An appraisal of sorts. Some good, but a lot of it??? Let’s just say the road ahead of me is filled with learning and improving. Some of what was shared with me today was hard to hear. However, in order to GROW as a photographer, we need to not always be told how “pretty” or “nice” our photo is and get the hard truths.

I’m always striving to learn and do better with my photography. And sometimes my creative workflow struggles because of the hard standards I have on myself. Let alone what other people enjoy seeing.

It really dawned on me also that not all of the story telling that I personally see in an image translates into what other people are seeing. Sometimes it does fall flat for other people. The vibrancy and stories that I see in the photo, may not translate for other people. Which is why it’s OKAY to have different opinions.

Seeking out different opinions though is how we grow. I’m not going to let the ‘negative’ feedback I got today stop me from my dream.

I’m sticking to my motto! “Sharing my Adventures one Photo at a Time.”

I hope you guys enjoy this journey with me. I love hearing from you. So please send me your comments.

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